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Trade and Investment

Partnering Beyond our Borders

NCCI plays a pivotal role in the facilitation of trade and investment with domestic and foreign businesses and/or governments. We work closely with local and international Ministries, Government Agencies, and NGOs to ensure trade partners and investors receive all the support they need in order to conduct business with our Namibian business people, both in Namibia and beyond our borders.

Our Trade and Investment Services
  • Trade Inquiries and Business Matching
  • Investor Facilitation
  • Leading and Hosting Business Missions
  • Trade Fairs and Expos
  • Certificates of Origin

Foreign Business Missions
Several times throughout the year, we host various foreign trade missions that are coming to Namibia to seek business partnerships for trade and investment opportunities. NCCI and our partners support these missions by organizing events, conducting B2B sessions, scheduling site visits, mobilizing Namibian business participants, and a variety of other activities. Often these missions are open to the whole Namibian business community, but being an NCCI member will allow you to tap into our team for added support when trying to network and ultimately land a business deal with the visiting delegation.

In addition, NCCI and our partners also organize outgoing trade missions where we bring Namibian business leaders to neighboring and overseas countries to help them establish a presence outside of Namibia. Delegates of these missions often find them incredibly valuable in promoting and expanding their businesses to the outside world.

Advisory Services
Our NCCI Team provides trade and investment advisory services to our members as well as other non-member institutions that are looking to conduct business in or with Namibia. These services are tailored to one's individual needs, and include:
  • Providing accurate and up-to-date information regarding regulatory issues of export/import procedure, investment requirements, licensing, and more
  • Business match-making and networking opportunities
  • Support in trade missions and exhibitions
  • Industry representation in international trade negotiations or facilitation meetings

Certificates of Origin
NCCI provides an important role in the exporting process in that we are the sole organization that provides the required certification needed to verify that Namibian goods are being shipped outside of our country. These Certificates of Origin are issued through several of our Branch Offices which are strategically placed near our major ports and border crossings.

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