Southport Building 13A First floor, Hosea Kutako Dr. Southern Industrial area, Windhoek, Namibia
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Who We Are

Our History

The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) is positioned as Namibia's “Premier Voice of Business”

  • Established soon after Namibian Independence in 1990 to serve as the primary representative body of Namibia's entire Private Sector
  • Leading business representative and support organisation in Namibia
  • Membership representation across the whole country in all sectors/industries

We aim to…

  • Advocate for an atmosphere in which we can do business, gain business and share business in the most conducive way
  • Use collective wisdom of our members and stakeholders to help find solutions to business challenges
  • To benefit our Members and the Namibian Business Community at large

Our Vision

To be the Premier Voice of Business Namibia.

Our Mission

Serving Business Namibia, the Engine of Socioeconomic Development and Prospertity

Our Principles

  • We focus on matters of common good
  • Playing by the Rules of Law
  • Non-discrimination of any kind of business / fair competition
  • Neutral position in matters of competition between members (focus on regulation and rules of competition, not on single interests)

Our Purpose

NCCI advocates for an atmosphere in which we can do business, gain business and share business. We associate to leverage and collaborate as a group, to tap into the collective wisdom of our group to help find solutions to our own business challenges of growth, strategy and sometimes just plain survival; to benefit ourselves, our fellow members and the people of Namibia at large.

Our Client Service Promise

At NCCI, client service is our cause. Our first priority is to deliver the highest quality service to our members and we are committed to making your experience with the Chamber the best it can be. We recognize that a reputation for excellence must be earned every day; as a result, we have created and implemented a Client Service Promise:

  • We will be accessible
    • Our pledge is to be available to you on your schedule and to ensure the right person is accessible for your specific business needs.
    • Each NCCI representative will provide their contact information so you can reach them easily. If an NCCI employee is not available you'll be provided with an alternative contact.
    • We will train our employees so that more than one person can handle your inquiry on any given issue.
  • We will be responsive
    • We will return your phone calls and emails promptly, ideally within the same day we were contacted.
    • We will invest whatever time is necessary to learn about your business and your goals and objectives in order to effectively respond to your needs.
    • We will provide you with appropriate recommendations based on your business.
    • We will discuss strategy and tactics with you before taking any action on your behalf.
  • We will keep you informed
    • We strive to keep you well informed on activities, programming, and policies that are important to your business.
    • We engage in a variety of communication strategies (Email, Phone, WhatsApp, Social Media, etc.) in order to reach all of our members in the most convenient and effective way for their busy schedules.
  • We are 'service-oriented'
    • We are committed to delivering the very best in client service and value.
    • We embrace any feedback, positive or negative, which allows us to learn and grow as a team.
    • We will promptly address any client service issues that arise.

Is Not


We are not

We do not discriminate or offer preference baes on demographics, but rather speak on behalf of all Namibian businesses, equally and without judgement


We are not

We do not represent single interests of specific businesses, and instead focus on regulation and rules of competition


We are not
Politically Motivated

Although we maintain very strong relationships with Government, our interests lie with the private sector


We are not

We are not in control of the laws, policies, or regulations, though we want to help create an environment that promotes ease of doing business. When this is not the case, we can step in to speak on your behalf.


Core Values


Programs, services & products of the highest quality that support the needs of our members.


A culture of positivity, confidence, leadership excellence, personal growth and embracing a shared vision.


Adhere to the highest of ethical standards, demonstrating honesty, integrity, accountability and trustworthiness in action and intent.


Fresh ideas and solutions to lead our organisation to excellence


Embrace and actively pursue diversity, inclusion and foster collaboration


Attentive and focused in service to one another, our members & partners