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Information and Networking

Connecting and Collaborating

The NCCI Team is committed to creating a conducive and fluid environment for professional networking, information sharing and economic participation. We, therefore, create a variety of platforms, events, and engagements where business leaders, change agents, and aspiring entrepreneurs can share ideas, build partnerships, and increase influence and capacity.

In addition to events and programming, we recognize that the power of a Chamber lies in its connections and relationships. Our members have a unique opportunity to tap into the vast NCCI network to harness the various business contacts they need in order to grow their businesses and influences.

Our Information and Networking Services
  • Forums and Conferences
  • Informative Meetings
  • Communications (web, social media, email)
  • B2B Engagements

To learn more about the NCCI's Information and Networking initiatives, contact our programming team at

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