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Public Policy Advocacy

The Chamber speaks on behalf of Business promoting a competitive and a conducive business environment.Our advocacy forums include :
  • Agenda 2020 Series
  • Political Briefings
  • Online Member Forum

The NCCI has a high-profile policy and lobbying team that represents the interests of members in Namibia. The mandate is to work together with decision-makers to influence policy decisions ensuring the interests of businesses are represented. This includes economic policy, influencing the course of new legislation that has an impact on the business community and giving firms a voice in Parliament, the media and with decision makers. Our advocacy forums include Agenda 2020 Series; Business Owners Networking Forums for Branches and CEOs in Camera Series.

The Chamber's policy advocacy services are rendered through our online member forum, regular surveys and direct member enquiries. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss policy issues, please contact Leonard Kamwi at 061-228809 or email

Virtual Member Discussion Board

The discussion board is intended for members to be part of the conversation on issues impacting their business, no matter where they are. Members can suggest a topic and make a submission thereof, others can read and post inputs. This accords every member an opportunity to shape the Chamber’s advocacy agenda and strategy....

Agenda 2020 Series

This is a semi-annual High Level Dialogue with the Head of State and the Cabinet Ministers. The NCCI is steaming forth with its vision for the Namibian Economy being the most competitive by 2020. This vision serves to direct and focus the work of the Chamber from its launch in 2016 onwards. The Chamber will host two dialogue forums for Business and Political Leaders on how Namibia can become a Smart, Open, Connected and Attractive Economy. This event is only open to the Corporate and National Corporate members and is complimentary to attend. Attendees will be Director-level, providing an excellent opportunity to connect and network with key decision makers. Following the keynote address, a panel convenes to answer questions from the audience and to encourage debate. Topics to be covered will include Energy; Innovation; Education; Talent and Public Sector Reform.

Political Briefings

The Chamber also organizes regular consultative meetings with political leaders in order to keep decision makers abreast of issues affecting the business community. These events are open to all members, providing an excellent opportunity to connect and network with key decision makers. Following the keynote address, a panel convenes to answer questions from the audience and to encourage debate. Topics to be covered will include Trade facilitation, Laws & Regulations, MSME Support.

Our Advocacy Philosophy

We exist to Make a real difference—to deliver real results. Public Policy Advocacy is geared to create an ideal world, an atmosphere in which anyone can do business, gain business or share business. The goal is to create a hospitable business climate for all and it is not designed to:
  • Obtain preferential treatment for one company, business sector, or individual.
  • Solve problems concerning members’ day-to-day business activities. (If, however, daily obstacles are indicative of a larger problem plaguing the business community at large, then public policy advocacy is warranted.
  • Provide members with daily problem-solving services related to conducting routine business transactions or settling disputes between members and the government. To resolve such matters, members should obtain the services of lawyers, collection agencies, consultants, and so forth.

The work of the Chamber is to focus on matters of common good among our membership and the people of Namibia. By implications therefore, we need to maintain a neutral position in matters of competition between members and instead, always focus on the regulations and rules of competition, not on single interests. In order to build trust in what we do, we need to protect the confidentiality of information shared where appropriate. We play by the rules of law and believe in non-discrimination of any kind of business (fair competition).

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