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Bridging the Talent Gap

Bridging the Gap between Business and Education

We facilitate young people’s transition from school to the workplace as well as expatriate talent.

Many employers are frustrated by the lack of skills and experience they are looking for while many young people do not have meaningful interactions with the world of work. We thus facilitate young people’s transition from school to the workplace. Key areas that we focus on include internship coordination, improving ‘soft skills’ such as communication, team working and resilience, as well as better careers advice and student’s engagement with business while in schools.

The Talent Gap is an increasingly important issue for business organizations to tackle. As the demographics and skills of the workforce shift, organizations that want to thrive will want to implement a multi-faceted talent management strategy to build a competitive workforce. By proactively trying to nurture and influence existing employees as well as future employees, organizations will put themselves at an advantage to prosper, even in difficult times. The Chamber’s efforts is to augment these endeavors by:
  • Facilitating expatriate talent (visa and work permit facilitation service)
  • Encouraging and facilitating transition from Schools to workplace (encourage participation in various internship programs)
  • Influencing the talent pipeline. One of the most effective ways to tap young talent is to reach to them while still in high school. We encourage and facilitate our companies’ thought leaders to be a guest speakers at local schools or host or sponsor career fairs.

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