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Vision & Mission

What do we believe?
Our existence is premised on the fact that the business environment is not always perfect while growth is a function of opportunities and obstacles. Thus the foundational elements of which our advocacy agenda aims to remedy are: Efficiency, Transparency and Market Structures.

Our Purpose
We were created to Advocate for Business Namibia hence our mission: To be the Premier Voice of Business Namibia

Our Principles
  • We focus on matters of common good
  • Playing by the Rules of Law
  • Non-discrimination of any kind of business / fair competition
  • Neutral position in matters of competition between members (focus on regulation and rules of competition, not on single interests)
  • A force that represents the Namibian business community
  • A force that advocates the interests of the private sector

This is the highest policy-making organ of the Chamber. In terms of the constitution, there is one meeting annually, during which, amongst others, amendments to the NCCI Constitution, annual activities, programmes and budgets, and annual reports of the President and Chief Executive Officer are considered.
Participants are representatives of all NCCI branches, associate members, corporate and national corporate members, three immediate past Presidents in good standing, and co-opted members
appointed by the sitting President in consultations with the Past Presidents.

This is, together with the AGM, the highest policy-making meeting of the Chamber, with one meeting annually, in terms of the constitution. Just like the AGM, the meeting considers issues related to policies and administration pertaining to the successful functioning of the Chamber. The meeting is also attended by representatives of all NCCI branches, associate members, corporate and national corporate members, three immediate past Presidents in good standing, and co-opted members
appointed by the sitting President in consultation with the past Presidents.

Our Board of Directors comprises business leaders who ensure a legacy of competent leadership as reflected in the Namibian private sector. The Directors view differences within the business community as assets and opportunities, provide a model for success and also useful diversity within the Namibian business environment.

The Board of Directors is appointed by the AGM/National Council for a term of two years. This body is composed of the President, two Vice-Presidents, three immediate past Presidents and seven other directors elected from amongst members of the National Council. The CEO of the Chamber is an ex-officio member of the Board.
The Board is the highest policy-making organ of the Chamber when the National Council/AGM is not in session. It appoints and supervises the work of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and it ensures that branches comply with agreed NCCI policies and procedures.

Each branch elects an Executive Committee from amongst its members to oversee the work of the branch and lead the advocacy programme of the Chamber in the local area. Such members include the Branch Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and four additional members. The Branch Executive Committee is appointed at a Branch AGM for a term of two years.

The Secretariat of the Chamber is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Chamber both at national and branch levels. The Secretariat is headed by the CEO, who is assisted by heads of departments (Managers) and Branch Managers/Administrative Officers.

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